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From the south of Argyll right up to the north of Shetland, Touring Network Promoters from all walks of life play a vital role in ensuring that communities have access to the very best cultural experiences from Scotland and around the world.

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Small-Scale Promoters (£75)

For promoters with less than £10,000 of arts programme funding per year.

Mid-Scale Promoters (£100)

For promoters with more than £10,000 of arts programme funding per year.

Large-Scale Promoters (£125)

For promoters with more than £100,000 of arts programme funding per year.

New Promoters

For new promoters just starting out we offer a discount of £25 off membership and are very happy to discuss your specific requirements – please get in touch for more details.

Micro Network

For clusters of promoters and venues who share either the same programming vision, or who programme collectively in a geographic cluster, Micro Network membership may be suitable. Contact us to find out more.

Promoter Services

Supported Programme

A programme of co-funded events to bring exciting new programming to even the smallest of venues. Find out how it works.

Audience Promotion

Promote your shows far and wide on The Touring Network’s listings website supported by advertising, press and marketing support. Find out how to submit your listings here.

Go See

Subsidised opportunities to go and see a massive range of performances and events across Scotland and beyond.
Apply for Go See.

Training & Workshops

Access to training and workshops to help develop skills, grow audiences, work with performers and more. Find out about current opportunities.

Touring Lists

Access to available show information – search by genre, date or location for shows that are perfect for your venue.
Visit Tourbook.

Advice & Support

Year round access to advice and support including funding guidance, promoter resources, networking opportunities and one-to-one sessions. Get in touch for advice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Promoter?
Promoters are the people who make events happen. At a small-scale they generally do a little bit of everything, which might include booking an act, putting up posters and selling tickets, setting up the staging for a gig, giving the performers a meal before the show, welcoming the audience and making sure that everything is packed up at the end of the night – we never said it was easy! As a promoter, you need to be keen to make things happen but you don’t have to do everything yourself. Most promoters working in the Highlands and Islands have small groups who work together to get everything done, it is a team effort and hopefully a lot of fun along the way.
Why get involved?
People get involved with promoting for all sorts of reasons; often because they are passionate about having great cultural and creative experiences, they want to grow activities happening in their communities or they simply want to ensure that their local hall is being used for amazing things.

As well as making events happen, promoters get the opportunity to work with some of the best professional actors, musicians, comedians and performers from across Scotland and beyond. For many, one of the unexpected benefits of promoting is the relationships that they build, meeting amazing people whether from just down the road or the other side of the world.

What Does Membership Cost?

A year’s membership with The Touring Network starts from as little as £50 for a new promoter with less than £10,000 annual income for its arts programme funding, and no more than £125 for organisations who receive more than £10,000 arts programme funding. If you’re not sure which level of membership is right for you, just get in touch and we’ll talk you through it.

How Many Shows a Year Will I Promote?
That’s entirely up to you, but we hope you will work with us to find entertaining and innovative shows for your audiences to enjoy. Many of our members only promote a few shows during the summer or winter seasons whilst others have a jam packed programme of events all year round.

You will find a vast range of theatre, music, dance, children’s productions and more on Tourbook, our on-line touring list. We’re here to help you develop a performance programme that suits you and your audience and complements all the other events taking place in your community or venue.

What Our Promoters Are Saying

“Thank you for a fabulous Spring Gathering. We have come away with such a lot of helpful information to digest and then act upon, I’m now really excited and enthused about what we can do to further develop our arts programme … lots of plans!” Lucy Walsh

Craignish Village Hall

“Go See is a fantastic way to see a range of performances: from intimate early years shows to large scale Edinburgh Festival premiers.It helps us gain new inspiration, see new work and to network with companies, artists and producers too.” Kresanna Aigner

Findhorn Bay Arts

“Tourbook is an excellent way of finding out about touring companies. We feel confident when booking groups through the Supported Programme that we are getting a quality performance and a high standard of act to offer to our audience.” George McConnachie

An Cridhe, Isle of Coll